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Fulfill your dream of being in Israel while still accomplishing everything you want in life!

20 Videos on How to Achieve Professional Success in Israel

Living in Israel made me successful, and it will make you successful, too! Here's why:

In this video, let me explain how:

Here is what you will receive:

It is vital that people like you, who have the passion and drive to succeed here are given all the tools necessary.

Live in Israel and keep pursuing your dreams.
This $99 investment makes it all possible.

Yes! I want this!


Practical Guide to Gainful Employment and Advancement in Israel for Native English Speakers

What this 20 part course includes.


A detailed survey of the Israeli economy. What sectors are growing the most right now, what indistries are seen as the future for growth, and where the best opportunities are for you right now`.



Review of the skills most in demand, especially for native English speakers, and how you can start to become an expert in these skills right away.



The specific job positions every Israeli company needs from English speakers. What makes these jobs so valuable, and how you can find them.



Where to meet people for partnerships, investment, work opportunities, friends, good times, and more.


Live it Up

The best ways to take advantage of living in a country that has deserts, lakes, mountains, forests, and an entire coastline of one big beach.



One extraordinary personal productivity hack that can transform how much you achieve in a day.


We teach you how to keep moving up the curve of mobility, with new opportunities for personal, professional, and financial growth.

You can succeed in Israel!

Once you use these tools to become a truly international citizen, here are the possibilities:

Make it happen. It's only $99.

Start Today!


P.S. One more thing . . .

In addition, you get a vital tool for success in Israel, our LinkedIN Mastery course.

Be the first to see the next product we are rolling out, a 5 hour course on using linkeidn to get work, make clients, network, find prospects, convert them into clients, and develop the right connections to yourself in Israel.

70% of Enlgish speaking jobs in Israel can be found on this professional social network.

A linkedin expert can charge up to $200 an hour for LinkedIN training, and we are including it in the package. This is a $1,000 value included in your purchase.

You get the My Success Is Israel course along with the LinkedIN Mastery Program, all for just $99.

LinkedIN is the gateway to global commerce. As a native English speaker, you are poised to be the best at finding the right people in your company's market, connecting with them, networking them, and converting them into leads and sales. This gives you indispensable skills that few can replicate.

We want you to go far, and help us continue to build our nation so we are offering this to you for a no-brainer investment, giving you the best chance to make killer returns on your time, money, and future success!

5 hours of MySuccessIsIsrael ($1,000) +
5 hours of LinkedIN Mastery ($1,000)
= $2,000 value.
Your Price: $99.

Special Offer Expires Soon!

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